Virtual Reality and the Future of Online Gambling

Virtual reality has changed life as we know it in innumerable ways. People can now experience swimming with sharks, riding a rollercoaster, or soaring over the Grand Canyon without ever leaving their house. Simultaneously, the number of people searching for bonus codes such as the Heart Bingo promo code and the whole world of online gambling has continued to grow. When you combine the two, it is normal to wonder where this relationship will lead.

The Technology

The technology of virtual reality has changed dramatically just since it hit the main stage circa 2015. Keeping the expectations of VR enthusiasts and the technical demands of virtual reality in mind has become a major focus of mobile device makers. Watches, headgear, and larger processors are all part and parcel of this advance as well. Suffice to say, the technology has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time.

The Experience

A virtual reality gambling experience stimulates a real casino. Viewers are offered 360-degree views of a gambling hall, poker table, or other casino-like settings. One particular experience via SlotsMillion Casino allows players to don their headsets and step into a lounge full of gaming machines. A keyboard or controller of your choice is used to walk throughout the virtual lounge.

When you find a game that interests you, you can sit down and play. Blackjack, roulette, slots, and craps are some of the most popular choices. The player will be able to see and hear many of the same sights and sounds experienced in a real casino.


Of course one of the biggest pros is that the gamer can experience live gambling without leaving their house. Another pro is that you can actually play with real money, or choose not to; this obviously gives you more flexibility than a real gambling setting.


Gamers miss out on some of the interactions experienced in a live gambling setting. For instance, most virtual reality gambling settings don’t allow users to interact with each other, and many of them don’t include games with live dealers. Interaction with others, when available, is usually limited to a chat screen.


The cost factor will be a major challenge that developers and virtual reality gambling enthusiasts need to overcome. In order for more people to join in and experience the virtual world, it has to be financially attainable for a majority of the population. Finding the software must also be easy and convenient; currently most virtual reality gambling experiences have to be experienced via a computer and applicable headset.

For many people, PCs are otherwise unnecessary and it’s hard to justify the purchase of one just for gaming (let alone one that has the bandwidth to process VR games).  Perhaps the biggest challenge, however, will be the stigma that some people hold against VR. They claim that they will just go to a casino if they want the experience of gambling.

The Future of VR and Online Gambling

Developers are hoping to get to the point where a viewer can experience a totally realistic casino experience. For example, a gamer would be able to actually communicate with friends or other gamers in the casino. Slot tournaments, poker tournaments, and live dealers are another addition that developers hope to introduce soon. There are already more than a dozen virtual reality casinos, with more on the way. Some estimate that this specific virtual gambling industry is expected to grow by nearly 800% by 2021.