Trends in Online Gambling Sites Design – Get an Edge over the Competition

Website design is very important and is what your customers will first notice once they are on the site. Oh, they might not notice an excellently designed site but a poorly designed one they will surely notice. If things are out of place or the site loads ever so slowly, you will hear about it, whether through reviews or a decrease in visitor number count. There are many online gambling sites and affiliate sites that promote gambling. Take this one as an example – What do you think about it?

There are trends in online gambling site design and here are some things you should take note of.

1.      The Desktop Devices are NOT the Only Ones

In this modern world, smartphones, consoles and even smart TVs are much more frequent on an everyday basis. People tend to spend more time near their phones than talking to each other. Gamblers love the mobile world as well.

Your site should have a responsive design and look great on mobile devices, too. Have in mind that there are various mobile devices and not just iPhones and Android phones. Your navigation should be simple and clear and the games and betting pages easy to access.

2.      Get Rid of the Unnecessary Bulk – Optimize for Loading Times

Loading times are important and even if your site looks great on mobile phones, there might just be a bit too much to load. Mobile data is awesome and in places where it can get a bit dodgy like tunnels or forests or even some weird areas in the city where there is a lack of coverage due to some reason or another, a site with too much to load can be overbearing for the punter on the go.

Optimize your loading times by removing the unnecessary visuals and things that can just confuse the customer or tax the bandwidth. Simplicity can be rewarded, especially when every second counts.

3.      Security – A Safe Customer is a Returning Customer

Your customers will love to know that they are safe while browsing and gambling on your site. Adding encryption makes that true and showing off that encryption by adding a label on your homepage reassures your customer.

128-bit encryption is almost essential and many have migrated towards 256-bit encryption only to show that they mean business. While it might be overkill, a bigger number is encouraging for the less knowledgeable customers and a page explaining why 256-bit encryption is so good will do wonders for you.

4.      More Security – A Gambling License

Needless to say, a gambling license is a must on gambling sites, due to the fact that it would be illegal to operate one without it. It makes your business legal and trustworthy and that is something you must assure your customer of by adding it to your home page. A badge showing that you are approved or regulated by a certain gambling license is another reason for the customer to feel safe on your site.

5.      Customer Service – Everywhere and at Any Time

Many sites have 24/7 customer service and your site should offer that, as well. Add a non-intrusive window for the customer service which the customer will always have access to and show that you will always be ready to be at their service.

Following these online gambling site design trends should give you ideas about what a gambling site should implement to keep up with the times.