Is Street Art (Graffiti) A Real Art Form?

Almost every town has Graffiti on street walls, and even if some of them look amazing others are just an eyesore. Because of this, street art is quite a controversial topic, and even if a lot of people like it, others view it as an act of vandalism. So, let’s see if street art can be regarded as an art form, and also discuss why it’s such a controversial topic. 

Art is personal 

It doesn’t matter how much something costs, or who made it, or even what others think about it. The most important aspect of any art is how it makes you feel. Music, paintings, and movies are all regarded as both art and entertainment. There are songs, films, and paintings that are either bad or good. To be more precise, the majority of the audience either liked them or disliked them. Meaning, just because someone deems him or herself as an artist, it doesn’t mean everything he or she creates is a masterpiece. 

That’s why it’s better to view art on a more personal level.  A movie or a song can be widely disliked, but you personally don’t agree with that assessment. In that case, your personal feelings towards that piece of content should not be diminished. 

So, if graffiti in your neighborhood has a powerful message behind them that resonates with you, then on a personal level they are art. Unfortunately, the argument cannot end here, because there is a big problem with this art form.

There needs to be a universal agreement in this case  

If you create a painting or record a song, you are using your own materials or resources to do so. Therefore, you expressed your feelings and thoughts without really hurting anyone who does not wish to listen or view your creation. When it comes to graffiti, it’s different since they are on the street walls or on public property. Meaning, if someone in that neighborhood or town does not like them and does not wish for those images to be there, they have every right to be mad. So, there needs to be a consensus among the town folk, or at least the owners, if the street art can be displayed on their wall. Think of it like this, you might like listening to metal or rap music, and you can support artists by buying their albums or attending their concerts. If you don’t like this form of expression you have every right to ignore it. Unfortunately, the band decides to have practices in your backyard, or at least in the near vicinity of your home. If you can’t tune it out, it’s annoying.