How to Learn Video Editing at Home – A Simple Guide

Video editing is a job that will have people working, sometime long hours and deep into the night. It is, however a very interesting job that can help many people who have no clue what to do. We have all seen very well put together clips with amazing transitions and effects.

It seems like magic at some point but when you start reading about it, you realize that you can also make videos like that.

Here are the things to do and avoid while learning video editing at home.

1.      Choose your Software

At the starting point of your video editing journey, you should pick video editing software. The thing is, there are many things you can use from Adobe Premiere Pro to Pinnacle Studio and even the Movie Maker from the Windows Store.

Sticking to the software you choose is also great as things vary a bit from company to company and while the interface will contain some common things like

  •         The File Browser
  •         The Viewer Window
  •         The Canvas Window
  •         The Timeline

There will also be various specifics to each software and you should stick to one editor until you get a hang of it and complete at least 20 projects.

2.      Choose your Tutorials

There are plenty of online guides for video editing that can help you a lot. They cover a wide array of subjects, from effects to timelapse videos and editing in general. Sites like Larry Jordan and offer paid courses, very detailed ones.

If you like browsing YouTube for tutorials, you will find a plethora of them and in different languages, too. This way you can hone your skills at all times as there will always be a new thing to learn from these tutorials.

3.      Take it Slowly

Everyone wants to make a great highlight reel or a video with beautiful transitions or even a perfect timelapse video but people tend to overdo it and add too many things at once. An over-edited video is easily noticed and will poke people in the eye, much more than an under-edited video will.

Take things slowly, do one project and try to be reserved when it comes to transitions and effects. Simple and clean should do you perfectly up until you get an idea where you cross the border into the world of over-editing.

4.      Plan Ahead

While over-editing does make a video stand out in a strange and often unappealing way, editing without a plan and slapping clips one over another is also a thing you should avoid. Plan your way through the video, write it down if necessary. Make a template if you need to, so as to stick to some form rather than just add things one after another.

5.      Check Out My Mixtape!

Music is very important in a video. Videos without music or at least sound effects will not really appeal to many people. Add music to your videos but make sure for it to be appropriate. Heavy metal music is not really going to sit well with cute kittens playing with one another.

These tips should help you get started on your way to becoming a great video editor. Just remember to stay open and focused and if you ever happen to think you need more transitions or effects, stop and rethink.