6 Tips for Taking Photos in Casinos

If you’ve decided to enter a land-based casino instead of the usual online ones, you might be wondering whether it’s OK to take some photos. You can see on the online casino websites featured on the Casino Bonus Code NJ page that they don’t really have pics of physical casinos on their web pages. So is it allowed? Contrary to popular belief, you CAN take photos in most casinos – you just have to be careful about the subjects of your photography. Almost all casinos have NO PHOTOS policy for the gaming area, but it is not illegal to have your camera on you and snap a few pics, as long as your lens is not directed at the cashier cage, the pit boss, and the security area. They can ask you to stop taking pictures and leave or to inspect your camera and delete the photos. The last two violate your rights, so legally they cannot actually do that. And if you ask whether or not you can take photos, the answer would most likely be no, and you will be drawing attention to yourself, so you should avoid that and stick to the following tips to make a few memorable snaps.

Bring the smallest, most decent camera you can

In this case, size DOES matter. If you walk into the casino carrying your DSLR monster and accompanying equipment, you will be drawing all eyes on you and are likely to arouse suspicion. Smartphone cameras will work just fine because they can blend in.

Keep your flash off

Indoor photos are usually better with flash, but this can draw unwanted attention, and casinos are pretty well-lit anyway. To avoid motion blur, try putting your camera on something steady.

Take stills and not videos

You will less likely be noticed if you are snapping away instead of making a 1080p HD video with your camera up in the air. A video shows more action on the casino floor and the bosses might not like that.

Do not photograph other players, guests, and dealers

This is mainly related to the protection of customer privacy. Casinos want to make sure that their patrons are comfortable and are having an enjoyable time, and having your photo taken in a possibly compromising situation does not warrant that. And since they want the game to run smoothly, you should not be distracting the dealers by taking their photos.

Forget about using tripods and selfie-sticks

Aside from drawing attention, they are safety hazards as well and their use in casinos is prohibited. Guests can either trip on a tripod or get hit with a selfie-stick, and no one wants injured guests and players and possible lawsuits on their hands.

Work quickly and be polite

Plan your photos, take the pics and move on. Do not linger because you are not in the middle of the photo shoot. If approached by security, be polite, explain that the photos are not for commercial use, but for your personal use, and you will be trouble-free.