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Stacey Spiegel
Sculpture Heaven - a vehicle for departure

October 21, 1986 - April 1, 1987

Artist Statemtent

One thinks of an urban prayer wheel and the transformative power evoked in the dynamic fusion of geometry and chemistry, of nature and the supra natural.

Sculpture Heaven balances with a gentle motion suspended above a granite boulder. Rising up is an inverted aluminum chamber which attaches to a five-sided crystalline structure. This quartz-like structure is sheathed in transparent lexan and filled with waxed autumn leaves and cut-out acetate leaves. The leaves are printed with ritual prayers about peace and the environment, each leaf a transferred original text taken from the scripture of a number of religions. Serving as a counterbalance to stabilize the motion, two cast aluminum birch branches extend from opposite sides of the aluminum chamber. All the metal components were derived from the fabrication site of a missile manufacturer.

In its inter-weaving of references from holistic to military, Sculpture Heaven embodies something of a healing system - a way of mediating on the potential of an individual affecting environment, technology, religion and art.

Stacey Spiegel, Sculpture Heaven - a vehicle for departure, 1986; aluminum, lexan, stone, steel, acetate leaves; 18' H x 14" L x 5' D.